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Pet Portraits

for loved ones with four legs (or wings, fins, scales...)


Pick a size from the price/size charts below that works for your space and budget.


Choose 3-4 photos that you really like of your pet and follow the guidelines in the "Photo Tips" section below.


Contact me through Instagram, Facebook, or email to start a conversation. Have your photos ready, preferred size and any questions.


We'll pick a photo, talk colors, confirm a price, your timeline, payment options and I'll send an invoice with half due as down payment before we start. 

Selecting a Size/Price
What size is best for my wall?

Typically speaking, sizes smaller than 12x16" are best displayed on a desk, shelf, or as a piece in a larger cluster. Art 12x16" or larger can begin to take its place on a wall for display.  The diagrams below are to help you visualize the relative sizes when compared to average, standard sized furniture. 

dining table 
Pricing Charts 

These charts are a rough estimate of how much a custom painting may be for the following sizes.  Besides just size, other factors may affect the final cost including the style, detail, and background.  To get a more exact estimate, contact me directly with your ideas so we can chat and work out a price!

Don't see what you're looking for? Do you want a specific size not shown? Maybe you have more than two pets or you'd like a painting or you and your pet together? Ask me! 

Photo Tips

Tip 1

Choose clear, high resolution image files that offer a lot of detail. Please send the original photo in the highest possible resolution or quality. Things that don't work: screenshots, photos off Instagram or Facebook, filtered images, blurry images, using the digital zoom

Tip 2

Fill the frame with your pet. Meaning make sure you don't include a lot of background. Another way to say it would be to make sure you are providing "headshots".

Tip 3

Make sure you have good lighting.  Outside during the daytime is the best. Inside with low lighting is the worst. If there isn't enough light, the photos turn grainy and lose details. Also, the colors will be the best and most vibrant in natural light!

Tip 4

Look for photos with character! You want your painting to really showcase your pet's personality, so consider unique angles,  expressiveness, or even silly photos.  Think... what will make you smile when you walk by your new painting hanging on your wall?

Tip 5

Send a minimum of 3 photos, but if you are unsure, the more images you send, the better our chances are of getting a good workable image that you will be happy with in the end. 

In order for me to give you my best possible work, I need the best quality photos you can give me.  It is important to remember that while a snapshot might be really adorable, it may not be a good photo to paint from for various reasons (some listed below)

Max is a Pit Bull rescue who belongs to Sarah Krchnavy. While all three photos are great, the bottom two outdoors have amazing details that can be captured.

Make sure you have at least 3-4 good photographs that you think could work for a painting, have a size in mind and any ideas you'd like to share about your painting. You might want to think about a color palette or what you'd like done with the background, but it's not necessary.  Think of any questions that you may have and compile a list so we can start a conversation. 

There are a number of ways to contact me, however, I'm most likely to see a Facebook message to my BKrowsoski Art page or an Instagram message first. If neither is an option, then email works just as well. 

Discuss Details

Once you contact me, we will make sure we choose a photograph that works well for the painting.  You may have to provide additional images if necessary. We'll discuss things like how realistic or bright your want the colors and if you'd like a plain, patterned or more realistic background.  Using this information, I'll make any adjustments to the price listed on the chart for the size you'd like. At that point I can give you a final quoted price. 

I will digitally crop the image we chose and make edits so you can better visualize the final piece of art. You will receive a proof of this image before I send an invoice.  This entire communication process generally takes place through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger or email. 

I will need your email to send an invoice using PayPal's invoice feature.  The invoice will reflect shipping cost and any discounts you may have been given. You do not have to have PayPal to receive the invoice or to pay. However, most commonly, people pay using PayPal, ApplePay, Zelle or Facebook Messenger's send money feature which can be attached to a debit card. If you are local, I will accept cash. 

In order for me to start the painting, half is due as a down payment. The remainder of the balance is to be paid once the painting is completed and before I ship the piece. You will get a chance to ask for any minor adjustments before the piece is complete. Any large adjustments or changes may incur another cost. 

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